One of the most often neglected parts of owning a car is maintenance because many vehicle owners are not aware of the maintenance requirements of their particular car.  It may also come from neglect or avoiding regular maintenance with the intent to save money.  In the long run it could actually cost more because of unexpected break downs and repair bills, as well as reduce the overall safety and longevity of the car.

The most common maintenance items relate to various components that need to be serviced with new fluids.  The most common are cooling systems, brake hydraulic systems, power steering systems and transmissions.  Other maintenance items are mechanical such as timing belts and engine drive belts.  There are other maintenance items that could be added to this list and it is best you ask your service provider or look at your owner’s manual to confirm what applies to your vehicle.  (For more info please see our list of services

Maintenance intervals have been determined by the manufacturer based on their knowledge of how things work and when failures can be expected to occur.  In many cases by not keeping up to date on these items, expensive failures can occur.  Consider the failure of a timing belt which can damage an engine beyond repair or transmission fluid that can cause the failure of the internal components and cost thousands of dollars to repair.   (For more info please see our Preventative Maintenance Program

Various vehicles have different items that need to be maintained on a regular schedule which can be based on mileage and/or time.  Depending on the type of driving and the average annual mileage you may need to modify these timeframes to ensure that you will not have an unexpected failure.  Having a service provider that knows your driving habits will help to determine the best maintenance schedule for you and your car.

Our promise at Frank Motors is to get to know you better which includes your driving habits.  Our goal is to help you manage your vehicle service and maintenance to reduce overall operating costs and to keep your car safe at all times.  The other benefits of keeping your car in good repair is your car will have a much longer life span and you will improve your chances for a strong resale value which ultimately can save you thousands of dollars in your life time of car ownership.