Is it too early to think about Winter Tires and Winter Service?

Is there a difference in your driving habits since last year?

Due to changes in our current lifestyle, working from home and managing childcare and school many of us are spending less time on the roads than usual and have less free time. Why not get the winter service done sooner this year?

Here are a few reasons getting the tires changed prior to the winter season:

Safety and Saving Money:
Changing your tires at the right time of year prepares you for the cold weather driving, snow, slush, freezing rain and ice that are part of living in Manitoba. In addition, it saves you money by getting more mileage out of your winter and summer tires. Switching them out twice a year can seem a hassle, but it is well worth it for your wallet and safety.

Beat the Rush – Avoid waiting times
Once the busy winter rush starts, getting an early appointment can be challenging. By booking now you ensure your appointment fits your schedule.

In need of Winter Tires?
Take advantage of a full inventory and winter tire specials as long as they are available. If you want to choose from the best products, it’s best to shop early. Did you know; winter tires are manufactured during the summer months and only a specific amount of each model is produced? By shopping early, it becomes much easier to find those tires that are most appropriate for your vehicle and your driving habits.

Put your mind at ease:
Getting the service done before the first snowflakes or freezing rain will put your mind at ease and one more thing you can check of your to do list.

Going out of province:
If you need to leave the province, make sure to check the provincial tire regulations. Winter tires are mandatory in some provinces and when travelling in or through mountain areas.