Let’s start by understanding what coolant does.   Coolant is a mix of equal parts antifreeze and water that keeps your engine from overheating.   It runs through your radiator, water pump, water hoses and through internal engine passages to keep the engine operating at the proper temperature. 

Recognize this symbol?

If your coolant level gets too low or too dirty and contaminated from age and kilometers driven, it may lead to an overheated engine.    Which can leave you stranded at the side of the road and cause damage to your engine. 

A cooling system flush is done to remove rust, dirt, sludge and dirty coolant from your radiator, water hoses, water pump and the engine’s cooling passages.  It is not the same as draining the radiator as that only removes a portion of the dirty fluid.  To do the job properly, a coolant flush is needed.

While we recommend you check your owner’s manual for specific instructions on your particular vehicle and the Manufacturers Recommendations, it may also be useful to regularly look at the condition of your coolant. 

At Frank Motors we can also check your coolant for you to ensure it is still protecting your radiator and other cooling system parts.  We’ll also thoroughly check the system’s other components, such as the drive belts, cooling fan, radiator, radiator hoses, water pump and radiator cap. 


DRIVER TIP:  Check the Coolant

If you experience the car overheating, coolant disappearing may be the problem. This is especially true when your car is overheating in idle.  In a pinch, you can add water, but it won’t provide the same protection as coolant. It is important to replace the water with coolant as soon as possible and if the levels are low, adding some coolant can be a temporary solution, however we recommend having your vehicle checked to see where the coolant loss is coming from.