What is a timing belt?

A Timing Belt synchronizes the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft, which enables the engine’s valves to open and close at precise times during each cylinder’s exhaust and intake strokes. Additionally, timing belts make sure the valves, cylinder heads, and pistons all work in perfect harmony.

Simply put, your engine won’t run without a timing belt.

Signs of a failed timing belt:

  • If your timing belt has failed or has stretched it may cause a starting issue, as the internal components may not be correctly aligned.
  • Lack of power could also be caused by a timing belt issue.
  • Age of your timing belt. Like with most parts. Over time your timing belt will begin to wear.

Timing belt is one of the more expensive and intensive services your vehicle will go through. However, if you delay this service and the belt stretches, cracks or breaks, it could cost you an engine without any warning.It is recommended to replace a timing belt every 5 years or 100.000km depending on the vehicle’s manufacturer.

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