Are you a Vanagon owner? Do you love your Vanagon but it runs like a Vanagon? We can help.

Frank Motors has been known as a Volkswagen specialist for over 50 years and have recently started doing Vanagon engine conversions. There are a few shops across Canada that offer engine conversions on Volkswagen Vanagons, however the majority of these shops are located on the East or West coast. There are very few shops in the prairies that offer this service.

Why do an engine conversion?

Original Vanagon engines are known to lack power. Most engine conversions are done to increase power, fuel economy and reliability. Another reason is as these vehicles age, parts are becoming more and more difficult to locate and what is available is becoming increasingly more expensive.

What is involved?

We start by locating a donor vehicle with lower mileage. We inspect the engine and running condition of the donor vehicle. In some cases the engine is rebuilt. Once the condition of the donor engine has been determined, it is removed from the donor vehicle along with the wiring harness and electronic control module (the engine’s computer). The engine is then removed from the Vanagon. A conversion kit and the donor engine are installed. The Vanagon wiring harness is modified to accept the donor engine and electronic control module. Modifications are then made to the instrument cluster to be compatible with the donor engine.

If you are interested in learning more about engine conversions please contact us at or 204-987-2461.