Before turning on the air conditioning, open doors, and windows to allow the existing heat in the vehicle to be drawn off.

Close windows and sunroof during operation. Open doors as rarely and only briefly.

Recirculation mode reduces the contamination of the pollen filter and reduces the cleaning and replacement cycle.
Indoor air that has already been pre-cooled can be cooled to the desired temperature with less energy than warm outdoor air.

Switch off the air conditioning five to ten minutes before the end of the journey.
This prevents residual moisture on the evaporator and counteracts the formation of germs.

Do not set the air conditioning system to be too cool and do not direct the air flow directly onto parts of the body (risk of colds!). The comfortable temperature is between 22 and 25 degrees. To allow the vehicle to cool down quickly, switch to recirculation mode for a short time at maximum cooling capacity.

Shortly before the end of the journey, switch off the cooling function of the air conditioning, but not the fan. This prevents residual moisture in the system, which promotes bacterial and fungal infestation and the formation of odors.

In the rainy transition period in spring and fall, you can use the air conditioning to keep the humidity in the vehicle interior low and to prevent the windows from fogging.

Keep the Car’s Interior Clean. Dust, dirt, and other particles can hinder the air conditioner from working efficiently. For this reason, your vehicles carpets, mats, and seats should be vacuumed regularly.

Do not Pre-Cool Your Car. Although sliding into a pre-cooled car is comfortable, it can affect the air conditioner’s performance. The car’s air conditioning system can cool things more effectively when there’s airflow. Thus, instead of waiting until the car’s interior is cold, switch on the A/C once the vehicle starts cruising through the roads.

Park Under the Shade. When you leave your car under the sun for too long, its interior can get considerably hot. As a result, the car’s A/C will have to work twice as hard just to get the temperature down. Parking under a shade or install sunshades to avoid the issue.

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