1 Start where it is dirtiest! Treat your rims with Sonax Wheel Cleaner. It goes on green and will turn purple once it has done its job. Use a Sonax Soft Brush for Rims to clean those hard to get to spots. Once you have completed this rinse the rims off.

2 If the vehicle is very dirty… Degrease. If your vehicle gets covered in tree sap or you have parked under a tree with a lot of birds, spray Sonax Multistar Cleaner or a light degreaser onto the paint. Let sit for less then a minute and fully rinse the vehicle. For more stubborn dirt/rust stains use Sonax Fallout Cleaner.











3 Wash the car! Foam or soap the vehicle with Sonax Car Wash Shampoo. For best results use a foam cannon but this product can also be used in a bucket. Wash the vehicle from top to bottom using a soft wash mitt, sponge, or a soft bristled brush such as a hog’s hair brush. If you are using the bucket method, we recommend using two buckets, one with soap and one to rinse the wash mitt or sponge you are using to avoid scratches or swirls in the paint. Also, make sure to use a dirt trap to keep the dirt at the bottom of the bucket and avoid scratching the paint surfaces.





4 Fully rinse the vehicle from top to bottom using clean water.

5 Dry vehicle off using Sonax Flexible Drying Blade and Sonax Thick Blue Drying Cloth.









6 For even better results apply Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer for added paint protection and a brilliant shine. Spray the product over painted surfaces and buff to a shine with a clean cloth.

7 Finish up with Sonax Tire Gloss Gel to restore that like new look to the tires and make the vehicle stand out when driving down the street.






For vehicle interiors, Sonax offers a full line of interior cleaning products.


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