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Vehicle Maintenance

New Car Maintenance, Oil Changes, Transmission Service, A/C, Fluid Flushes

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New Car, new warranty, no problem

New car? Check. Great warranty from the manufacturer? Check. Does that mean you have to get all of your regular service done at the dealership? Absolutely not.

Frank Motors can take care of all of your regular service needs, and we only use parts that meet or exceed manufacturer requirements. And upon diagnosing your car’s problem, we will let you know if you need to get the job done at the dealership under the terms of your warranty.

Oil change and fluid service

It takes various fluids to keep your car running properly – engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and more! For the life and the performance of your car, it is essential that you replace each fluid at the right time, at the right interval. If you don’t take care of your fluids at the right intervals, you increase the risk of major breakdowns and costly repairs.

At Frank Motors, we educate you on the right timing for fluid replacement for your vehicle, and if you participate in Frank’s Preventative Maintenance Program, we will keep an eye on all of your fluid levels as part of your regularly scheduled maintenance.

Automatic transmission servicing

When it comes to automatic transmissions, some simple, regular maintenance can prevent a major, very expensive overhaul.

To most drivers, the internal workings of transmissions are a mystery, and today’s, transmissions have become even more complex – it’s more important than ever to have them serviced regularly.

Many say that an automatic transmission should be serviced every two years or every 50,000 kms. (Manufacturers' recommendations can differ by make and model.) Please check your owner's manual for service recommendations.

Our automatic transmission service includes the following: removing the transmission pan (where applicable); draining and checking the old fluid for discolouration, particles, and metal filings; replacing the filter (where applicable); and refilling with the correct fluid to the correct level.

Many car manufacturers have special transmission fluid, and using the correct fluid is vital for the longevity of your transmission. At Frank Motors, we will make sure that the right fluid is used in your car.

Air Conditioning

Here in Winnipeg we tend to use the Air Conditioning in our vehicles for only a few short months out of the year. When those hot months creep up we want to make sure that our vehicles Air Conditioning is in good working order. It is a good idea to have your vehicles Air Conditioning system serviced on a yearly basis to avoid damage to the system. At Frank Motors we can help keep your vehicles Air Conditioning maintained so you can keep cool on those hot summer days.

What is involved in a vehicle Air Conditioning service? During a vehicle Air Conditioning service the technician will test the Air Conditioning unit, measure the pressure and check for leaks or any other faulty parts in your Air Conditioning system. If everything looks good we will recharge the Air Conditioning system with the correct amount of refrigerant specified by the vehicle manufacturer and lubricate the system. If there are any issues detected during the inspection there may be repairs that are required to keep your vehicles Air Conditioning in good working order. In between the hot weather it is a good idea to run the Air Conditioning system from time to time. This allows the seals and hoses to be lubricated keeping them from drying out and cracking.

Fluid Flushes

Part of every vehicles maintenance requirements involves the flushing of certain fluids.  Fluids such as coolant ( Antifreeze), power steering and brake fluid need to be replaced as recommended by the manufacturer or when certain parts such as water pumps, power steering components or brake cylinders fail and require replacement..  These systems require a flush to ensure that any contaminants remaining in the system, such as water or debris from parts failure, are removed before new fluids are added.  Flushing these systems and adding new fluids will ensure that these components will give you long lasting , trouble free performance and save you money by preventing premature failures.  On some newer vehicles Engine Oil flushes are becoming an important annual service to remove sludge built up in the engine that can cause premature damage to engine components.  Ask us if your vehicle should have annual oil flushes to prevent engine damage.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We live now in Victoria, but wish Frank Motors continuing success.  We were with you for 36 years!  We judge car care by the standards demonstrated by Frank Motors.  Thank you!

Barrie & Phyllis Webster