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Brakes, Steering, Suspension and Alignment & Exhaust

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Bosch Service Center

Regular expert inspection is essential to ensure your safety and the safety of those who travel with you. We take safety seriously at Frank Motors and we can tell you when it’s time to take care of your brakes.


A failure of your brakes can be catastrophic. The key to avoiding failure is to make sure that all parts of your braking system are working properly, and that parts like brake pads are replaced before they wear right down. Different brake systems perform differently; and your driving style will affect the life of your brakes.

Steering, suspension, and alignment

Winnipeg is notorious for its potholes and depending on your driving, there is no question they can cause some damage – especially to your steering and suspension. Steering and suspension components are critical to the safe and comfortable operation of your vehicle, and should be checked periodically. Not only will this catch potential problems before they become serious, but will also keep your steering and suspension in good order, lengthen the life of your tires, and improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.


Exhaust systems are very important to your vehicle, they are not just designed to keep the car quiet. Exhaust systems play a vital role in the performance and emissions control of your vehicle. An exhaust system must ensure that there is proper exhaust flow to allow for the engine to run properly. Another important role is to ensure that the exhaust gases are measured and controlled in the exhaust to ensure that the cleanest possible emissions are produced.

Exhaust parts must be of the highest quality and fit correctly to do their job and to ensure your car runs right, not just quiet.

Our expert team members will make sure that your exhaust system works the way it is supposed to – and we will meet or exceed the car manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Frank Motors has helped me maintain my BMW since 2006 and I wouldn't take my car anywhere else!

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