Is a Salt Eliminator Wash necessary?

If you are living year-round in sunny California, you won’t need the Salt Eliminator Wash. However, living in beautiful snowy Canada, we would say, yes!!! Did you know that approximately five million tonnes of road salt are applied annually to Canadian roads?
Magnesium, calcium, and sodium chloride salts can greatly accelerate the corrosion process. Krown Salt Eliminator is able to remove these chlorides from your vehicle which is a vital step in fighting corrosion.

Krown Salt Eliminator also repels moisture. It creates a water repelling surface that not only leaves a beading shine to the vehicle but also helps slow down salt from reforming on the surface.
Having a regular Salt Eliminator Wash will improve your vehicle’s longevity.

We would like to thank Janice and Gregor Brandt ( for giving us the opportunity to use and demonstrate our Krown product on their VW Bus.

Salt Eliminator Wash Service and Krown Products available at Frank Motors.
How to use Krown Salt Eliminator on your vehicle

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