Book a Major Inspection & Oil Change – Receive a Free Oil Flush (Savings $30)

During the month of March when you book a Major Inspection and Oil Change, we are pleased to offer a Free Oil Flush (Savings $30).

What’s an Oil Flush?

An Oil Flush is a product that is added to the engine oil. The engine is then run for 10-15 minutes at an idle to make sure the product circulates throughout the engine. The engine oil is then drained, a new filter and high quality engine oil is installed.

Benefits of an Oil Flush:

  • Power & Energy for all Gas & Diesel Engines
  • Removes sludge, dirt and contamination from internal engines.
  • Cleans hydraulic valve lifters and breaks up carbon deposits.
  • Neutralizes engine acids and increases the life span of the engine.
  • More Power, Less Emissions, Less Consumption.
  • Boosts power and reduces oil and fuel consumption by removing harmful varnish deposits in piston ring and upper cylinder area

We recommend having an Oil Flush done yearly and using a quality engine oil.

Learn more about Liquid Moly Engine Flush

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