Air conditioning in our vehicles is a wonderful invention on those hot and humid summer days. It was invented in 1939 and has been growing in popularity since. What was once an additional option in vehicles has now become standard equipment. We hop in the car, crank the air conditioning and roll the windows up tight to keep that hot, humid air from entering the cabin. Now we are comfortably sealed into the climate-controlled cabin of the vehicle… but is the air we are breathing clean? Moisture is created in the air conditioning system and where there is moisture, bacteria and mold can grow.

To combat this Frank Motors is happy to offer Klima Fresh Service. Klima Fresh effectively cleans and disinfects the air conditioning system while removing any unpleasant odors.  Bacteria, spores, mold and micro-organisms are eliminated and Kilma Fresh offers long term protection against their regeneration.

In addition to the Kilma Fresh Service, we also recommend replacing your cabin filter at least once a year. Conventional cabin filters filter dust particles, pollen and diesel sot from the air coming into the cabin of the vehicle. For even better protection we recommend Mann-Filter Frecious Plus cabin filters. Frecious Plus cabin filters trap 100% of allergens, reduces growth of bacteria and molds by more then 98% and almost completely blocks out other particulate matter.

For more information on these services, please contact our service department at 204-987-2461 or by email at