If you have been following the headlines, you likely already know about the problems Volkswagen AG the parent company to Volkswagen Canada Inc. is having with over 100,000 vehicles equipped with diesel engines.

Now known as ‘Dieselgate’ Volkswagen AG cheated on their emissions tests and it turns out these vehicles have been polluting the air.

In meetings between Volkswagen and the E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency) it was found that the same test-cheating software on additional Volkswagen and Audi diesel models and on a Porsche model had been found.  Volkswagen has admitted that all model years since 2009 with its 3-litre diesel engines contained the software as well.

It is as a result of a settlement between Volkswagen, the U.S. government and the State of California over this issue that the settlement will apply to owners of vehicles sold in Canada as reported by Volkswagen Canada spokesman Thomas Tetzlaff. (as reported in the Globe and Mail)


Goodwill Package 
Volkswagen, has a partial compensation to the effected VW TDI customers which is to offer a $1,000.00 credit card promotion in the form of 2 credit cards each valued at $ 500.00.

One card must be used at a Volkswagen dealership and it can be used for service, accessories, Volkswagen merchandise or anything else that can be purchased at a dealer including a deposit on a car.  The other credit card can be used anywhere that accepts this type of credit card for anything you wish to purchase.  It is not tied in with a purchase at a Volkswagen dealership store.

For those clients of Frank Motors who have used the Volkswagen card for any service at Volkswagen please speak to our Client Service Advisors Rob and Kyle to let us know what work has been done so we can update your vehicle service history.

For those who have been affected by this issue with Volkswagen but are not aware of this credit card offer, please contact Volkswagen Canada at 1-800-668-8224.  Ensure you have your serial number ready, which you can find on your registration as they will require it to find you in their system.



Check out TDI Goodwill Package FAQ for Canada