What is a wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is the adjustment to the angles of the steering and suspension components that connect the vehicle to the road. Wheel alignment plays an important role in the performance of your vehicle. It can affect your vehicles handling, fuel efficiency, tire performance and tire wear. When wheels are out of alignment it can greatly affect your comfort and safety while driving. Misaligned wheels can cause your vehicle to pull one way or the other, you may be able to feel a vibration especially in the steering wheel and your tires can wear irregularly causing them to have a shorter lifespan.




What can cause wheels to be out of alignment?

  1. Pot Holes – Watch out for pot holes! The speed and impact of hitting a pot hole can greatly affect and even damage the steering and suspension parts on your vehicle causing the wheels to be misaligned.
  2. Hitting the curb – Every once in a while, it happens, you get to close to the curb and you bump into it. While this may not cause as much damage as hitting a pot hole, this can still affect your vehicles wheel alignment.
  3. Regular wear and tear – As your vehicle ages, rubber components such as bushings can start to crack, and ball joints can loosen and start to have play. Over time this can start to progressively get worse and can cause the wheels alignment to be out.

As part of your preventative maintenance, be sure to have your alignment checked. Important factors to determine if your alignment needs service will depend on your driving habits and the manufacturers vehicle recommendations.

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