The frequency of doing a Fuel System cleaner as part of your regular vehicle preventative maintenance has often been debated. Part of the confusion can sometimes be a result of the terms commonly used. For example a fuel injector cleaner, fuel system cleaner and fuel system treatment are essentially all the same product with different names.

No matter what grade of gasoline you purchase or where you buy it from it is not going to be perfectly pure. The contaminates that can be found in gasoline are why almost all cars on the road are still equipped with fuel filters. These contaminates can build up in your fuel system causing problems as they accumulate in the bottom of your fuel tank, in the fuel lines and around your fuel pressure regulator. What causes the biggest problem are the deposits forming on your fuel injectors.

Your fuel injectors are designed to deliver a high pressure mist of fuel into your intake air creating the explosive mixture it takes to power your vehicle. As these deposits build up on your fuel injectors, they will start to malfunction. Fuel that is poorly mixed with the intake air due to a poorly flowing injector is more difficult to ignite and burns less efficiently than well mixed fuel.  This is the main problem caused by a dirty fuel injector.

This difficult to ignite fuel mixture is what causes the poor fuel mileage you are experiencing as well as harder starts, less power, higher harmful emissions and a poorly idling vehicle. To return your fuel injectors to their maximum performance and restore your car to running like new, you need to dissolve these deposits that have built up on your fuel injector.

Fuel System Cleaner ACLWe use Euro Tech Fuel System Cleaner because it completely removes harmful compounds from the fuel tank to the combustion chamber. As well as, removes lacquer, varnish and resin from the entire fuel system. It utilizes a unique chemistry which turns water into a stable combustible emulsion which can burn like fuel and eliminates water related disorders.’