How to Avoid Pothole damage

Driving through a seemingly innocent hole in the road could result in costly car damage. Before you end up at the auto shop in need of suspension repair or wheel replacement, know the best ways to avoid pothole damage

Stay alert

Keep an eye out for potholes so that you can avoid them safely wherever possible.

Avoid unnecessary braking

Try not to apply your brakes when driving over a pothole. When you brake you tilt the vehicle forward placing more stress on the front suspension.

Hold the steering wheel correctly

In extreme cases, potholes can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Make sure you are holding the steering wheel properly – ’10 to 2′ hands position to help you stay on the road safely.

Beware of Puddles

Drive cautiously through puddles as they may be deep potholes filled with water.

Reduce your Speed

If you cannot avoid a pothole, reduce your speed safely. Check the rearview mirror before braking abruptly. Hitting a pothole at higher speeds greatly increases the chance of tire, wheel and suspension component damage. Releasing the brakes just before hitting a pothole allows the wheel and tire to roll through the depression and helps minimize potential damage.

Check the tire pressure

Ensuring your tires have the correct pressure can help minimise potential damage caused by potholes.

Get your vehicle checked

If you have hit a pothole and suspect your car has sustained damage, get the vehicle checked out.

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