BrakeFluidWhen you think of preventative maintenance and safety of your brakes, it is common to think about the condition of your brake pads and ensuring they are not worn out.

Brake pads are of course an important part of ensuring you stop when you press your brake pedal, what people often don’t realize is how critical brake fluid is to their brakes working properly. 

The importance of brake fluid is when you press on your brakes, the brake fluid transmits the pressure from your foot on the brake pedal to the various components of your braking system.  Without brake fluid, there’s no way for the pressure you apply to the brake pedal to cause the brakes to stop your vehicle. 

Brake fluid, much like other fluids in your vehicle such as engine oil or coolant, should be checked regularly and properly maintained.  Every make and model is different and vehicle age can be a factor as well due to ongoing innovations in newer models so it is best to check your manufactures recommendations and consider your driving habits. 

How do you know if your vehicle needs a brake fluid flush?

Brake fluid should be translucent and clear.  If moisture gets into the system or the brake fluid has overheated it may mean you need a flush to replace the old brake fluid with new. 

You can visually inspect your brake fluid or ask our Client Service Advisors to have this checked by our trained technicians.  The following are signs to be looking for:

  • Rust coloured fluid indicates moisture may be a factor and a flush maybe recommended.
  • Black or a burnt smell fluid indicates that your braking system may have a problem and may need more than a flush.
  • A fluid leak is indicated if your brake fluid is less than the recommend level.

If none of the above indicators are present, then be sure to review with our Client Service Advisors your specific manufactures recommendations and your driving habits to determine if your vehicle needs a brake fluid flush. 

Whether your vehicle is still under warranty or you plan to keep your vehicle for many years to come you’ll want to keep the braking components in optimal condition.   The increased safety and reduced risk of failure will give you peace of mind by ensuring one of the most critical components of your brake system, your brake fluid is in top performance shape.