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Visit here often to learn about the Preventative Maintenance Specials that reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and increase the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

Manitoba weather can place major demands on the workings of your car. Oil Changes are a simple way of making sure your car works as well as possible throughout its life. What is does the oil do? Engine Lubrication Maintenance: The moving parts, valves, pistons, and other engine parts move at high speed. These components create… [read more]

Tightening wheel bolts after changing tires is a safety-related necessity that contributes to the safety of everyone on the road. Can the wheel fall off easily? A wheel doesn’t just fall off easy, it becomes noticeable beforehand by loud knocking noises. Why and How wheel nuts/ bolts need to be tightened: If you are planning… [read more]

Before turning on the air conditioning, open doors, and windows to allow the existing heat in the vehicle to be drawn off. Close windows and sunroof during operation. Open doors as rarely and only briefly. Recirculation mode reduces the contamination of the pollen filter and reduces the cleaning and replacement cycle. Indoor air that has… [read more]

The longevity of your brake discs and pads depends on the vehicle model, quality of brakes, and driving habits. In most cases, wear and tear of brakes are recognized early during a tire change over. However, a lot of vehicles now have a brake sensor that will indicate on the dashboard that a brake needs… [read more]

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dieter and the crew are a trusted part of our lives. For everything from helping us a find a "new" gently used car to regular planned maintenance to extend the life of our vehicles, to expedient help in emergency situations. The Frank Motors crew knows us by name, is always courteous, gives us accurate information and does first rate work. They make our lives easier.

Joanne Kury