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Here you’ll find Frank’s straight forward automotive advice and useful tips; news about special Frank Motors milestones; and testimonials from drivers like you.

Visit here often to learn about the Preventative Maintenance Specials that reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and increase the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

Book a Major Inspection & Oil Change – Receive a Free Oil Flush (Savings $30) During the month of March when you book a Major Inspection and Oil Change, we are pleased to offer a Free Oil Flush (Savings $30). What’s an Oil Flush? An Oil Flush is a product that is added to the… [read more]

As the groundhog predicted this year, Manitoba should see an early spring. It is time to book your next maintenance service. Having your vehicle serviced in the spring ensures that it’s ready to perform at the highest level throughout the summer. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your vehicle for spring. Good… [read more]

Is a Salt Eliminator Wash necessary? If you are living year-round in sunny California, you won’t need the Salt Eliminator Wash. However, living in beautiful snowy Canada, we would say, yes!!! Did you know that approximately five million tonnes of road salt are applied annually to Canadian roads? Magnesium, calcium, and sodium chloride salts can… [read more]

January 6th, 2020 to February 21st, 2020 Regular checks and maintenance can ensure your vehicle is reliable, safe and running at it’s best. At Frank Motors our goal is to help you manage your vehicles maintenance and reduce overall operating cost. With that in mind we have put together some savings packages for your vehicles… [read more]

Check Engine light on? What does it mean? The US (California – to be correct) government introduced the OBD System in 1988 as part of a program to reduce the vehicle emissions. This first-generation OBD system monitors manufacturer-specific systems but is not universal like the newer OBD2 technology. 1996 was the year when probably one… [read more]

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I have received nothing but exemplary service from all the staff at Frank's Motors, and have found Frank's delivers service in a friendly, professional and accommodating manner! I have referred friends and family to Frank's and will continue to do so.

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