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The longevity of your brake discs and pads depends on the vehicle model, quality of brakes, and driving habits. In most cases, wear and tear of brakes are recognized early during a tire change over. However, a lot of vehicles now have a brake sensor that will indicate on the dashboard that a brake needs… [read more]

The lights on your vehicle play an important role in safety. But not every light serves the same purpose in the end. Here is a quick overview… Headlights/ Low Beam Lights: As soon as twilight sets in or the view is restricted by bad weather, it must be headlights must be turned on. The light… [read more]

Electric cars have been around for 170 years. The first electric car was developed in Aberdeen in the mid-19th century. Robert Anderson was a 19th-century Scottish inventor, best known for inventing the first crude electric carriage in Scotland around the time of 1832–1839. The carriage was powered by non-rechargeable primary power cells. The Nissan Leaf… [read more]

Winter Oil? No such thing! Here are the differences in Engine Oils ? The most essential thing that is used in a car service is the engine oil. It is the main lubricant that plays a vital role in the combustion engine. Engine Oils are formulated for specific operating conditions. The base oils and additives… [read more]

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