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Visit here often to learn about the Preventative Maintenance Specials that reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and increase the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

January 14th, 2021 to February 26th, 2021 Regular checks and maintenance can ensure your vehicle is reliable, safe and running at it’s best. At Frank Motors our goal is to help you manage your vehicles maintenance and reduce overall operating cost. With that in mind we have put together some savings packages for your vehicle’s… [read more]

With COVID-19 restrictions in place and home offices becoming more popular we find ourselves driving less frequently. Between seasonal downtime or a change in routine, it’s still important to maintain the upkeep of your vehicle. From the inside to the outside, there’s a variety of things you can do to prevent issues once it’s back… [read more]

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The idea behind daylight saving time (DST) is to make better use of daylight and conserve energy. A later sunset during the long summer days means less need for indoor lighting in the evening. The Germans were the first to implement this idea in 1916.   Do interrupted sleeping patterns and longer daylight have an… [read more]

Frank Motors is part of the MPI Winter Tire Program. What is the MPI winter tire program? The Winter Tire Program provides low-interest financing to eligible Manitobans, on up to $2,000 per vehicle. … You have the choice to select a financing term between one and four years and a monthly payment withdrawal day. For… [read more]

What Our Clients Are Saying

My experiences with Frank Motors continue to be very positive. The entire team is knowledgeable, friendly, attentive and honest. I very much appreciate the concept of a managed vehicle program. My two cars are 11 and 12 years old, and both drive like new. That says it all!

Peter Riccardo