Over the last number of years winter tires have become increasingly popular in Manitoba which has lead to a new problem for Manitoba vehicle owners… what do I do with the “off-season” tires? If you are anything like me then your garage is already at maximum capacity or maybe you don’t have a garage at all. At Frank Motors we are happy to offer the convenience of tire storage. Having them stored on our premises means you do not have to find a place to store the wheels and tires in your home, lift them in and out of your vehicle each season, one less thing to worry about.



Frank Motors Tire Storage package includes:

  • Remove and install the tires each season
  • Balance the removed tires and wheels
  • Wash the tires and wheels
  • Stored properly in a climate-controlled facility
  • Wheel and tire packages insured while in storage


Please talk to our Service Team by phone at 204-987-2461 or by e-mail at service@frankmotors.ca for more information.