Check Engine light on? What does it mean?

The US (California – to be correct) government introduced the OBD System in 1988 as part of a program to reduce the vehicle emissions. This first-generation OBD system monitors manufacturer-specific systems but is not universal like the newer OBD2 technology.
1996 was the year when probably one of the most innovative upgrades in automobile industry has taken place. All vehicles built in that year and after are equipped with the second-generation on-board-diagnostic (OBD2) computer. This sophisticated program provides access to numerous data from the engine control unit (ECU). It detects failures in a range of systems, sets diagnostic trouble code/s (DTC) and turns on the “CHECK ENGINE” light if a problem is found.

Vehicle Start up: Engine light should flash and disappear again. This is an indication that no issue has been found.

Vehicle Start up: No engine light flashes, could be an indication of a defective engine light.

Engine light on: Indicates that a code was send to the OBD2. There is no immediate danger to the engine, however it does need attention. We recommend a more cautious way of driving till the issue has been resolved.

Engine light flashing quickly: Immediate attention is required. Please pay attention to any out of ordinary engine behavior and have an expert diagnose the problem as soon as possible.

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