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Visit here often to learn about the Preventative Maintenance Specials that reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and increase the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

Oil & Fluid Services

Let’s start by understanding what coolant does.   Coolant is a mix of equal parts antifreeze and water that keeps your engine from overheating.   It runs through your radiator, water pump, water hoses and through internal engine passages to keep the engine operating at the proper temperature.  Recognize this symbol? If your coolant level… [read more]

When you think of preventative maintenance and safety of your brakes, it is common to think about the condition of your brake pads and ensuring they are not worn out. Brake pads are of course an important part of ensuring you stop when you press your brake pedal, what people often don’t realize is how… [read more]

Did you know your driving habits can affect how your engine oil performs? Short distances, such as city stop and go driving can cause condensation to form in an engine that doesn’t reach operating temperature. This can cause particles in the oil to become deposits in the engine, which can build up over time. These… [read more]

One of the most often neglected parts of owning a car is maintenance because many vehicle owners are not aware of the maintenance requirements of their particular car.  It may also come from neglect or avoiding regular maintenance with the intent to save money.  In the long run it could actually cost more because of… [read more]

What Our Clients Are Saying

The people at Frank Motors have always looked after me very well. As well as the Preventative Maintenance  Program, they have always looked after me when there have been both minor and major vehicle emergencies over the years that had to be dealt with promptly. Accessible, straight-forward and honest.

Lenny Kwasiuk