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Electric cars have been around for 170 years. The first electric car was developed in Aberdeen in the mid-19th century. Robert Anderson was a 19th-century Scottish inventor, best known for inventing the first crude electric carriage in Scotland around the time of 1832–1839. The carriage was powered by non-rechargeable primary power cells. The Nissan Leaf… [read more]

Winter Oil? No such thing! Here are the differences in Engine Oils ? The most essential thing that is used in a car service is the engine oil. It is the main lubricant that plays a vital role in the combustion engine. Engine Oils are formulated for specific operating conditions. The base oils and additives… [read more]

With COVID-19 restrictions in place and home offices becoming more popular we find ourselves driving less frequently. Between seasonal downtime or a change in routine, it’s still important to maintain the upkeep of your vehicle. From the inside to the outside, there’s a variety of things you can do to prevent issues once it’s back… [read more]

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The idea behind daylight saving time (DST) is to make better use of daylight and conserve energy. A later sunset during the long summer days means less need for indoor lighting in the evening. The Germans were the first to implement this idea in 1916.   Do interrupted sleeping patterns and longer daylight have an… [read more]

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