Calix is a Swedish company which has been one of the largest European manufacturers of electrical engine heaters for over 20 years. They offer complete vehicle heating and battery charging solutions which can help give your engine and battery a longer life.

Immersion block heaters, the ones we typically see in North America, cannot be used for certain vehicles. The solution to this is a Calix Heating System which comes with:

Engine Heater – A circulating heater that is connected to the cooling system outside of the engine block that warms the engine coolant.

Battery Charger – The battery charger is used as the power supply for the heater as well as ensuring your battery is fully charged.

Connection Cables – Calix connection cables are specifically made to withstand temperature fluctuations, stress in the engine compartment, dirt and fluids.

Calix Heating Systems also have some great additional options such as:

Cab Heater – This heater warms the cab of the vehicle so it is warm and comfortable right from the start and helps prevent frost forming on the windows.

Summer/Winter Switch – With this switch in winter mode everything gets powered up when the system is plugged in. When the switch is set to summer mode only the battery charger will turn on.

What our clients are saying:

“I have been using the Calix System for a year now and I am very happy with the results. I have my system set up on a plug-in timer so it powers on about 3-4 hours before I plan to start my vehicle. The coolant heater helps the car come up to operating temperature quickly, the cab heater is able to clear my windows even before starting the vehicle and the battery charger gives me the confidence to use all of my power options (heated seats, rear window de-frost, heated mirrors, stereo, etc.) even during short trips.” – Kyle

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