Brake Fluid Flush Special $79.95 on most vehicles.

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A brake fluid flush is important because when you step on your brake pedal it is the fluid that flows to your brakes allowing you to slow down or come to a complete stop depending on the pressure you apply.

Brake fluid retains moisture (hygroscopic which means the fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere under normal humidity levels). When the brakes are applied, it causes the fluid to rise in temperature (new brake fluid approx. 230° Celsius and water at 100° Celsius) once it starts boiling from the heat of braking it starts to create air bubbles causing a soft or no brake pedal at all.

Our trained technicians will do a Brake Fluid Flush which includes:

  • Remove wheels to check the brakes.
  • Flush brake fluid system with flush machine.
  • Torque wheels to specifications.
  • Road test vehicle.

*some exceptions may apply

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