When we think of driving safety what usually comes to mind are things like “Are my brakes reliable?” or “Will my tires handle well on the road in bad weather?”  There are some parts of our vehicles we can take for granted such as our headlights.

It’s easy for issues with our headlights to arise without it being noticeable because most often the issue is the lens has become yellow and cloudy reducing visibility which happens gradually and because it’s gradual it doesn’t get our attention as much as squeaky brakes.

A vehicles headlights play a critical role in safety because if they are not as bright as they need to be it reduces our visibility particularly as the sunsets and while driving at night.

Years ago headlights were made of glass but over the years as car manufacturers wanted to differentiate themselves more in terms of shape and style, they began using a hard polycarbonate plastic that was easier to mold.  This also made vehicles safer as it reduces the amount of shattered glass in the event of an accident.

Common causes for headlights to turn yellow and cloudy:

  • Weather and the elements, especially the sun can cause headlights to crack and fade.
  • Miniscule cracks can form on the top layer where the combination of dirt and chemicals from the road can cause the plastic to undergo a process called oxidation.
  • Oxidation reduces the amount of light from the bulb to shine through the plastic causing your headlights to become gradually dimmer affecting your visibility.

Headlight Restoration Service:

Headlight restoration can reverse those negative effects quick and easy. The restoration is a process that removes the top layer of oxidized plastic to reveal the lower layers that haven’t been affected. This reduces the cost of replacing the headlight barriers and increases visibility on the road.  Restoration can also help reduce the yellow or cloudy glare often associated with oxidized headlights.

If your headlights aren’t as bright as they used to be, or you are noticing a layer of cloudy yellow over the lens, we can fix that.  Speak to our Client Service Advisors about how you can avoid costly headlight replacement with our headlight restoration service.

Details of our Headlight Restoration Service September Special