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Why Frank Motors?

The right choice for you; the right choice for your car

Frank Motors invests in its people and invests in the latest technology. For drivers of fine European cars, there is no better choice in Manitoba:

  • All of our technicians go through a four-year apprenticeship training to become a recognized certified technician. We invest in continuous training.
  • We have the latest diagnostic tools to ensure that we understand your car’s current and future needs.
  • We own our own parts supply chain, and we manage our inventory effectively. That means that the majority of parts you need are readily available. And we only stock and use high-quality parts. To supplement our inventory, we use trusted and reliable parts suppliers.
  • Frank’s Preventative Maintenance Program takes car care and client service to a new level. Peace of mind for you; long-term high performance for your car.
  • We don’t just fix cars. We build high-quality relationships. We’ll do what it takes to make you a client for life. We will earn your trust.

New Car, New Warranty, No Problem

New car? Check. Great warranty from the manufacturer? Check. Does that mean you have to get all of your regular service done at the dealership? Absolutely not.

Frank Motors can take care of all of your regular service needs, and we only use parts that meet or exceed manufacturer requirements. And upon diagnosing your car’s problem, we will let you know if you need to get the job done at the dealership under the terms of your warranty.

Our green commitment

Frank Motors believes that all businesses must do their part to reduce the impact of their enterprises on the environment.

We do our best to reduce our footprint and promote a healthier environment. Here’s how:

  • We recycle all of our scrap metal and batteries with licensed and approved recyclers.
  • We are a certified waste oil collection facility and we are licensed to heat our building by burning waste oil, and hydraulic fluid. Such alternative heating is growing in popularity and is as safe as any other heating method.
  • We participate in a government-monitored tire-recycling program.
  • We deliberately plan our client shuttle routes and parts delivery service to minimize driving, thereby reducing fuel consumption and pollution.
  • We choose to work with like-minded suppliers who share our passion for environmental stewardship. Our drycleaner and waste disposal contractor, for example, are recognized leaders in green practices.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Courteous, personal and exceptional customer service.

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