Did you know with spring around the corner and the snow beginning to melt, it exposes your car to all the salt, sand and other residue left behind on the roads and can cause your car to rust?

Innovative Salt Eliminator Exterior Wash for a Harsh Climate.

Although you can’t see all the potential damage, eventually the accumulated salt and residue can cause rust and potentially mechanical deterioration which can be costly to repair, as well as a reduced market value for your car when it comes time to sell it.


The body of your car is at risk of rust in areas such as your fenders, door bottoms and lower body panels, as well as the mechanical components like the metal gas tank, brake line, air conditioner line, fuel line and other various electrical connections.

Watch the Salt Eliminator Exterior Wash a very unique, protection product that makes the difficult, yet vital, task of salt removal – easy!  This proprietary formulation not only dissolves salt much more quickly, but also breaks the bond between chloride and metal while preventing the reforming of these salts after cleaning is complete.

(For more info please see our Krown Maintenance program)