5 Ways to Protect the Value of your Vehicle

A vehicle is one of the largest investments most people make, and investments need to be maintained to ensure top value. Down the road you may want to sell your vehicle or trade it in and there are many factors that determine its value. Here are a few ways you can protect your investment to get the most out of it and to help it maintain its value:

1. Keep your vehicle properly maintained and keep the service records. Make sure all fluid levels and filters are checked regularly. At Frank Motors we offer a Preventative Maintenance Program that is built around your vehicle’s manufacturers service requirements and your driving habits to ensure the right services are done at the right time. To learn more about Frank’s Preventative Maintenance Program, click here.


2. Don’t ignore the check engine light. Ignoring a “Check Engine” light can result in serious engine trouble and costly repairs. Frank Motors offers the latest diagnostic equipment to service your vehicle.

3. Rust Protection. Protect your investment from rust by having the vehicle rustproofed. At Frank Motors we offer Krown Rust Protection. An annual application of Krown Rust Protection will keep your car looking new and enhance its resale value. The protection extends to the inner workings of your car, preventing corrosion on mechanical and electrical components. This contributes to the long-term health of your car. For more information about Krown Rust Protection, click here.






4. Invest in Winter Tires. A second set of wheels and tires for winter will cost you up front but will save you over the long haul. First it will reduce the likelihood of an accident in winter because you have better traction, second it will reduce the amount of use both sets of tires get over the year and prolong their tread life, use and value. If storing an additional set of tires is an inconvenience for you, check out Frank Motors Tire Storage Program.

5. Keep your vehicle clean. One of the top ways to maintain the value of your car is keeping it neat and clean. Frequently clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle to prevent grime from accumulating, scratches from occurring on your paint job, and spots from staining your upholstery. We also recommend waxing the exterior of your vehicle yearly. Frank Motors offers a full line of cleaning products through Sonax and Krown. For more information on these products, check out our Premium Products.