Manitoba Driving is Severe Driving

You may have heard that manufactures are extending their maintenance intervals and if you have ever flipped through the owner’s manual of your vehicle you may have noticed two maintenance interval schedules: Normal Driving and Severe Driving. These different schedules refer to the conditions you drive in. Although it may differ slightly from one manufacturer to another, severe driving is typically defined as:




  • Driving in cold weather
  • Driving in hot weather (+30C and above)
  • Extensive idling
  • Stop and go traffic
  • Short trips in cold weather

At Frank Motors we recommend to have your vehicle service and the oil changed every 5000-7000kms or at a minimum of twice per year to keep your vehicle running safely and reliably.

For more information about this or for more information on regular maintenance, please contact our service department by phone 204-987-2461 or by email